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ZUOZUO Tufting & Fluid Bear



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You need to prepare a photo (preferably a 2D picture) of your favorite cartoon characters or simple scenery.


20 inch X 20 inch    🕙 1-1.5h   (Hair band, key chain, cup mat size recommendation)

27.5 inch X 27 inch  🕙 1.5h-2h (Recommended for newbies)

35 inch X 35 inch   🕙 1.5h-2h   (Made by two people at the same time)

39.4 inch X 47 inch   🕙 3h-4h   (Recommended for medium carpet)


Please pick up all the finished works within 6 months

50 X 50 cm  耗时1-3 h (发带 钥匙扣 杯垫 小物品推荐)

70 X 70 cm 耗时2-4 h (新手推荐)

90 X 90 cm 耗时3-5 h (可两个人同时制作)

100 X 120 cm 耗时 4-6 h (可两个人|中号地毯推荐)


There is no time limit, please enjoy your production process.

 All sizes can be completed by three appointments, and more than three times will charge 30% of the product.

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